By Robert Siegel The Indian automaker, with a $2.3 billion debt pile, is trying to turn its image around and make its way back to the mainstream.

It’s already seen its cars selling at a rate of 1,300 units per day, according to Autodata data.

The automaker has been making a big push into the luxury segment with the introduction of the Tesla Model S and the upcoming Model X crossover.

Ford has been doing the same with the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Ford Focus and the Ford Ranger.

The company also announced it will start selling a new, fully electric Fusion sedan in 2019.

It says the new model will go into production in 2021 and will be a “new form of mobility”.

It will have the same range as the Model S, but a lower price tag of $35,000 (roughly Rs.2 lakh).

Ford has also started making a new SUV, the Lincoln MKZ, which will go on sale in 2021.

This SUV is said to have a range of 310 km, with electric motor, and a price tag around Rs.1 crore ($2.6 lakh).

The MKZ will have a battery capacity of 400 kWh, which should help Ford to cut its cost per kilometre.

Ford’s plans have also included a hybrid version of its Fusion.

The vehicle will have hybrid powertrains, which are designed to combine the electric and petrol engines to get the maximum range.

It will also have a powertrain that can be powered by either a petrol engine or a hybrid.

It also has a fully electric version of the Fusion that can go on the road in the future.

Ford is also planning to bring back the Lincoln Continental, which was discontinued in 2019 due to cost pressures.

Ford is also looking to add more fuel efficient vehicles like the Ford Escape.

The Explorer and the Ranger will also be brought back.

Ford plans to add the Ford F-150, Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer SUV and Ford F250 SUV to the lineup.

Ford says the company will be able to offer an electric vehicle at a lower cost.

This will mean that it will be more competitive with petrol cars.

“We are going to provide a low cost electric vehicle,” said a Ford spokesperson.

Ford said it will launch a new electric car at the end of 2019, which it says will be capable of traveling on highways at up to 30 kmph.

It is also aiming to offer its electric car in India at the same time.

“It will be in the market by 2020,” the spokesperson added.

The new model, according the company, will be powered using hydrogen fuel cells, which produce electricity.

It has a range between 500 km and 1,000 km.

Ford also plans to roll out its new electric vehicle in India by 2021.

The brand has also announced that it is partnering with the Mahindra Group to develop a fully autonomous electric vehicle, a product that will compete with the Toyota Prius.