In Sydney, a $300,000 dinner party is one thing.

It’s a very, very expensive night.

But in a suburb of Melbourne, a three-course dinner at a restaurant called The Loon, and a $250,000 night at a $1.5 million Sydney hotel, is a whole other kettle of fish.

If you’re in the market for a night out in Sydney, there are many options.

But here are some tips to ensure you’re going to have a great night out.1.

Dress smartFor the best night out you need to look your best.

This is the most important part of a night in the city.

Don’t wear a suit, a dress, or even a dress shirt.

Wear the same casual shirt you would for a day at the beach.

Donned trousers should be a top-of-the-line choice, not a casual option.

If you have an arm-wrestling outfit or wrestling mask, you’ll be looking a bit silly.

A dress shirt should be your best option.

The most flattering dress shirt is a bright navy with a nice, straight-leg silhouette.

The shirt should also be long enough to keep your body covered.

A skirt is also a great option.

A short, high-waisted dress shirt with a high collar and narrow hem is also perfect for a relaxed evening.

You’ll need to wear an outfit with pockets and drawstring pants, but otherwise, your wardrobe should be the same as for the day you want to go out.

You can dress like a king at the Loon if you want.

The party is in the evening, so you should be able to dress in a way that will give you a relaxed, relaxed-looking look.

You should be wearing a dark, light, or neutral colour.

A black shirt with black cuffs, a white shirt with white cuffs and a dark shirt with dark cuffs will all work.

Wear a matching hat and a matching scarf.

A scarf will make you look like a real gentleman.

Wear earrings and bejeweled rings, as you may need to remove your earrings if you are a woman.

The Loon party is only available on Wednesdays and Fridays.2.

Plan your itineraryThere’s no doubt you’ll want to plan your evening out carefully.

If your party is on Wednedays, you’re better off buying tickets in advance.

If the party is at a later date, plan accordingly.

For instance, you might choose to spend a weekend at the Sydney Convention Centre, or spend a few days in a small town.

There are many things you can do to ensure your trip is as fun and memorable as possible.3.

Choose a destination you likeThe Loo, The Cove, The Harbourfront or The Gold Coast are all excellent destinations to have an event.

You can also consider other Australian cities, such as Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

The Harbour, The Gold and The Loo are all popular areas for weddings.4.

Choose an area that’s safeYou should have a good idea about the night you’re about to go to.

But if you’re having an event in an area with an unsafe, low-income population, the best way to ensure safety is to select an area in which you feel safe.

If possible, choose a place that is close to your home, such the CBD, or at least in the CBD.5.

Be aware of where you’re atAt the end of the night, there’s no guarantee that the event will go smoothly.

But there are things you should consider before you head out.

Some events, such Aspen, are very popular with locals, and they can be a good option if you like to spend the night.

Others, like the Loo and the Cove, are relatively new, and have a low number of attendees.

But it’s worth remembering that these venues are still a very small percentage of the Sydney population, so be prepared to walk some extra miles to get there.6.

Keep an eye on social mediaThere’s a lot going on in Sydney these days, and it’s important to know where everyone is at any given time.

If it’s a busy night, it’s easy to be distracted.

Don’ t be fooled by people tweeting or posting pictures of themselves.

If they’re not busy, they’re probably not there, and you might end up missing them.

If people are on social, it can be easier to miss them if you don’t check on them, or don’t pay attention to them.7.

Look out for other guestsThe same tips apply to your friends.

If a few people are in the same area as you, they might be able a good time.

But in general, you shouldn’t be expected to hang out with strangers.

If, however, you see someone that you feel comfortable with, it might be a great time to hang with them.8