The Sony Headset Collection will be available on February 17th for $699.

That’s the same price as the Sony X1 Carbon and the new MDR-1000 headphones from MDR.

Sony says they’re the first headphone from its new headphones lineup that uses its new proprietary audio technology.

The MDR series is made up of three headphones, each with an innovative earpiece design that combines a low-noise, low-volume amplifier with a built-in microphone and noise-cancelling earphones that can be controlled from a smartphone. 

These headphones also have an innovative magnetic earpads that allow the user to move their earbuds around to change the sound quality in different environments, which are very helpful when you’re listening to music.

They come with two different noise cancellation earpods and a custom cable for wireless sound transmission, which is a new feature.

The Sony HeadSet Collection is designed to appeal to music lovers and audiophiles, as it includes a number of headphones, including the Sennheiser HD 880 headphones and the MDR 903 headphones.

They’re not just headphones, though, as Sony says the HeadSet is designed specifically for use with music.

The new HeadSet will feature three different sound modes for music playback: high-end, high-definition, and audiophile.

High-end mode is the standard audio format used in most professional audio recording studios.

It can be used for music files that are higher in quality than standard files, and is designed for use in large-scale studio recordings.

High resolution mode is also used by music recording studios to achieve higher resolution recordings, and allows users to record files with a much higher bit rate than they normally can.

High audio quality is what the MDP-1000 earphones, the SLP-900 headphones, and the X1 headphones are meant for.

The high-res audio formats are the high-resolution formats for music and sound-processing audio files.

These earphones use proprietary audio circuitry that is designed and engineered to deliver a consistent and loud sound, and that is how they sound.

The SLP headphones use a proprietary audio codec that is not part of the standard Sennhisers, but it is similar to the technology used by the Sony TCD-900 earphones.

The X1 earphones have a proprietary DAC that uses proprietary hardware and a special speaker.

These earphones are designed to deliver the best sound possible from a large-format recording studio.

And because they’re earphones with a proprietary microphone and headphone jack, they can be adjusted to work with a variety of headphones and different microphones, so they can work with different audio sources.

Sony says that the Mdp-1000 and X1 are designed for the professional audio professional and audiobook audiophile, as well as those who prefer an audio system with a lower noise level and better sound quality, and want the best quality headphones available.

For these consumers, the Sony HeadSET will be a better choice than the new Sennheim headphones, which cost $599.

Both headphones come with a five-year warranty, as do the Mdr and X2 earphones and a wireless charging pad that you can attach to your mobile device.

Sony also says the new Headset will work with all of Sony’s premium phones and tablets.

These include the Xperia XZ1, Xperia X Z2, Xperia Z3, Xperia T, Xperia M, Xperia L, and Xperia M5.

The Sony X2 and X3 are not compatible with these devices.

You can find out more about the new Sony Headsets here .

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