A Florida woman has won a $6 million lawsuit against her local dental office over allegations of sexual harassment, alleging the staff used her for sex.

Kristin Henson, 30, was employed at the Dental Office of Broward County for a year and a half, but was fired from her job in March after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a patient.

She filed a lawsuit last month against the DENTICO dental office, its director, CEO and two of its dental assistants.

The lawsuit accuses the three of sexually harassing Henson for two years, including one incident in which she was told to have sex with the dental assistant.

“She was so traumatized and afraid to speak up,” attorney Richard Pomeranz said of Henson’s claim.

“It’s like an epidemic that has been building up,” Pomeranza said.

Henson claims the alleged incident happened in October, when she was alone in a room and the dental assistants took turns giving oral sex to her.

Hansen is seeking unspecified damages.

The dental office did not immediately return a request for comment.