Real estate giant Platinum has announced it’s offering a new way to pay for your Platinum wedding rings.

The company is launching a new, all-inclusive Platinum wedding ring plan that lets you pay for up to 30 percent of your purchase with a Platinum credit card.

Platinum’s new Platinum plan offers a $9,999 minimum payment, while Platinum real estate listings also offer Platinum credit cards, as well as Platinum credit-card offers from third-party lenders.

You can pay with a platinum real-estate card, Platinum gift card, or Platinum business credit card, but you must sign up for Platinum credit with the company.

The Platinum wedding plan will be available for purchase online starting in mid-September.

To use your Platinum credit, just add the amount you want to purchase to your Platinum account and then click “Buy.”

You can also use Platinum to pay your other bills, such as taxes or utilities.

Platinum real-ty store owner Lisa Tomski, who is also a Platinum customer, said that Platinum’s plan is a way to keep up with demand for Platinum rings and other expensive wedding gifts.

Tomske said that while Platinum may be known for its high prices, its new plan is designed to appeal to the many people who have never had the luxury of purchasing a Platinum ring before.

Platinum offers the Platinum realty gift card for $1,999, which offers a 10 percent discount over a standard Platinum gift.

It also offers Platinum credit for $999.99 plus $10 for shipping.

“Platinum is a company that is constantly innovating and expanding, and we’re very excited to partner with Platinum on this new plan,” Tomskis said.

“Our platinum customers love their rings, and Platinum’s credit card offers are a great way to earn some additional cash back.”

Tomskie said that the Platinum credit plan will allow Platinum to add more credit to its Platinum realtors accounts, which are a popular way for customers to earn Platinum credits.

Platinum is a new company to the wedding ring industry, but it already has plenty of experience with buying and selling platinum.

Last year, Platinum made headlines after the company launched its Platinum gift cards.

The gift cards allow customers to pay up to 10 percent of the purchase price, and customers can choose from more than 50 products, including diamond rings, gold rings, platinum rings, diamond wedding rings, crystal wedding rings and diamond jewelry.

The cards are available through select Platinum realtor sites, including eBay and Amazon.

For more information, check out our previous coverage of Platinum’s real estate plans.

The new Platinum wedding plans will also come with some important features.

The first is the ability to buy Platinum jewelry with credit.

Platinum has added a new Platinum jewelry-and-warehouse gift card with a $1.99 annual fee to allow Platinum jewelry to be shipped with your Platinum gift certificate.

Platinum also offers a platinum gift card that allows customers to save up to 15 percent on Platinum jewelry, with the ability for customers with a Gold or Platinum wedding certificate to get a Platinum gift box.

The second feature is Platinum’s Platinum credit gift card.

In addition to the Platinum gift-card, Platinum offers a Platinum jewelry credit card for about $2.50.

That’s the same price Platinum’s previous credit card offer was at, but customers will need to pay a $15 annual fee.

The third feature is a Platinum business-card plan that gives Platinum credit on up to $10,000 in purchases with Platinum business cards.

Platinum customers can use Platinum business card to pay bills, and the credit will be applied toward Platinum business purchases.

“This new Platinum business plan is going to allow our Platinum real­tor customers to continue to enjoy the value of the platinum products and services they’ve come to know and love,” Tomeski said.

You don’t need to use Platinum realestate to purchase Platinum jewelry or platinum rings.

Platinum can also be used to pay off your credit card bill, and you can choose the Platinum card you would like to use for that purpose.

To learn more about Platinum’s plans, visit

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The platinum realty company has been selling platinum realtor jewelry and other valuable jewelry products since it was founded in 2005.

Platinum Real estate is the second-largest real estate developer in the United States.

Platinum does not have a licensed salesperson in the US.

In fact, Platinum is the only company that does not even have a real estate salesperson.

Platinum still has a huge footprint in the real estate market, with over 300 properties on the Gold Coast, the West Coast, and in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Platinum did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new Platinum real real estate plan.