Apple is planning to introduce a new Platinum Ink fountain pen in the next few months, but that’s not a new idea.

The company has been working on this new pen since last year, when it launched a range of premium pens called Platinum Ink and Platinum Ink Plus.

The Platinum Ink range launched in January and included a platinum version of the original, the Platinum Ink Professional.

The Platinum Ink Pro line, which was also released last year as Platinum Ink, includes a Platinum version of Platinum Ink plus a gold nib.

Apple’s new Platinum ink pens will be priced around $100.

They’ll also be available in a range with different finishes, such as a metallic finish, and a “natural” finish.

The pen’s nib is also different, and will have an anti-reflective coating.

We’ve seen other Platinum ink pen designs before, including the $1,500 Platinum Ink Platinum Pro, which is a gold pen with a matte finish.

But the Platinum ink line will not be the only new fountain pen to be unveiled.

Apple has also been making a new fountain Pencil in the vein of the Platinum Pro.

The new Pencil is a slightly larger version of its Platinum Ink pens.

The Pencil also comes in a matte or metallic finish.

The new Pen is available in black and silver and a range that includes a platinum ink pen and a fountain pen that’s more in line with the Platinum Platinum line.

Apple has not confirmed that the new Pen will be a Platinum ink fountain pen.

Apple is currently working on an app for the Pencil that will let users create and share custom-designed nibs.