A couple’s first platinum wedding anniversary isn’t out of the question, but the exact date can be a little tricky.

According to Fox Sports, platinum wedding rings are now becoming a trend, with wedding bands costing more than $300,000, with a typical wedding costing about $5 million.

However, for those planning a big event, platinum bands are definitely worth the money.

According the Fox Sports article, “at a wedding, the ring is the most important item to have on your finger.

So if you’re thinking of a wedding ring, the platinum band will likely be the first item on your list of items.”

According to the article, wedding bands can be purchased online, at auction and at specialty jewelry stores.

According one auction house, there are about 4,000 platinum wedding bracelets in the U.S. alone.

The company, Jewelry of the Gods, says they have more than 1,000 items for sale in the jewelry business.

There are a few factors that affect the cost of platinum wedding bridal bands.

First, the quality of the metal is what determines the price of a band.

A diamond-like material, like the one used in a platinum ring, is typically priced higher than a diamond.

Second, a wedding band has to be custom-made, which means the company has to work on the ring to get it to your wedding date.

The ring will likely cost more than a regular wedding ring because it is custom-fitted.

In addition, the band has a price tag on it, so if you have an existing wedding ring and want to buy a new one, you might need to look into a platinum band.

Lastly, a platinum bridal band will have to be made in the United States, so it’s a different price point.

According Fox Sports , platinum wedding jewelry is not a rare item.

The same is true of wedding bands, so you can’t buy a wedding wedding ring with just a platinum bar or ring.