Platinum points are one of the key prizes in the first-ever Xbox 360 game prize, and Microsoft has officially revealed the details of the net first platinum point system.

Net first platinum players who sign up on Xbox Live between December 30 and January 1 will receive 10 points per game for the first 10 hours of play.

Those with net first Platinum will receive 50 points per hour for the rest of their playtime.

The same system will apply to any other games they sign up for on Xbox LIVE.

Microsoft says it will also be rewarding players who play a minimum of two games for each time they sign in to the service.

Players who play less than two games per day will not receive net first points.

Net players who have played two games on Xbox 360 will receive two points per play session.

Microsoft has yet to release details of how the points will be split between Net and Net first Platinum players.

The Xbox 360 first-party software business unit Microsoft has also released details of a new service, Xbox Live Gold, which will be available to Xbox Live first platinum members and will give players the ability to purchase games from third-party developers.

Microsoft’s new platinum program is similar to its Xbox Live Arcade program.

The service offers free online play, as well as online leaderboards and in-game achievements, to those who sign in.

The Gold program offers up to three free games each month, while the first platinum player will receive 20 games per month.