It’s the $2,000 platinum coin that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

When the first platinum coin was launched in 2012, it had a face value of just $100,000.

It had a limited supply and was only sold through the US Mint.

Since then, the price has gone up by nearly $5,000 per coin, with a new face value set to go up every day.

The first platinum coins were issued by the United States Mint in 2011 and have been sold for $2 million each.

However, the new face-value coins are only going up by $1,000 a coin.

It means that each new face of the coin will have a face worth about $4.75 million.

It means that the $3,000 coin will be worth about twice as much as the $1 million coin, which is just under $6 million.

While the $5 million coin has a face that will only ever be worth $1.7 million, the $6,000 gold coin will only be worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

So why are people so excited about these new coins?

It seems like the more people know about these coins, the more money people are going to put into them.

In fact, gold coins are expected to be worth anywhere from $4 million to $10 million in a decade, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

And platinum coins will likely see a big bump in value, as well.

Last month, the gold price hit an all-time high of $1.,078 per ounce.

This week, gold prices have hit another record high of more than $2 per ounce, according a report from CNBC.

As you can see, people are really buying into the idea of these new gold coins.