On Monday, Ford will announce its grand plans for its platinum car washing facility in the Detroit area, which it plans to convert into an entertainment hub.

The plant will employ about 300 people, Ford said.

The company will use the factory for the paint, brake pads, brake fluid, paint, tires, seats, dash, steering wheel, and interior parts.

The Ford plant will also manufacture its next-generation Focus SUV.

The Michigan facility will be built in partnership with Platinum, a company that makes high-end auto parts and accessories.

The new plant will be capable of producing a platinum car worth up to $2 million.

The announcement came at the Ford Motor Company’s annual shareholders meeting.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said the company is moving forward with plans to build the plant because of its future demand for new vehicles.

“We believe that our current vehicle production capacity will not be sufficient to meet the demand for the next generation of vehicles,” Fields said.

“This will allow us to build this new plant with the most modern technology and the most efficient equipment to meet this demand.”

Fields said Ford will build the facility in Detroit with an existing plant in Mexico.

Ford plans to start manufacturing vehicles at the plant in 2019.

The Detroit plant will offer customers a high-quality paint job and a complete service package.

Fields said that the paint will be made by a third-party company, but the color will be a combination of white and black.

Fields also said the plant will use “high-tech” technology.

He said the paint and brake fluid will be sourced from suppliers like Bosch, Dunlop, and the Detroit-Hamtramck Automotive Works.

Fields called the paint the “world’s most advanced paint and hydraulic fluid.”

The plant’s new design will include a central cooling unit that will cool the entire assembly.

Fields did not disclose how much money Ford will pay to buy the plant, but he said the plan is to spend $20 million on it.

Ford has not said how many cars will be produced at the new facility.

Fields and Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford Jr. have been pushing for the plant to be built at the factory where they both grew up in Detroit.

The two men also have an interest in the region, as Fields is a resident of the area.

Ford’s announcement comes a few weeks after the company announced it would begin selling its next model in the U.S. The Mustang, introduced in 2012, sold more than 2.4 million units in 2016.

Ford is also trying to capitalize on growing interest in electric vehicles, including the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Nissan Leaf.

The automaker is expected to announce its first new car this fall.

Ford said it expects to bring the first new Mustang to dealerships this year, but it declined to say how many.