By now, you’ve probably heard about the Warframe Platinum trophy, which will be the most coveted trophy in the game’s history.

The Platinum trophy is reserved for the best players in Warframe’s community and will be awarded to those players who reach Platinum rank in all game modes.

The achievement also marks the first time that a game will have more than one trophy in its history.

Warframe, which was released in 2015, launched with a series of updates that improved the game and brought it into the modern era.

One of the biggest additions was the new player mode.

This new mode lets players pick up a companion character and join in on the action.

The new mode was one of the most popular additions to Warframe, and its popularity continued to grow.

The Platinum trophy was created in honor of players who reached the rank of Warframe Master, which is considered the top level of player.

Players were given the chance to take on the challenge of earning a Platinum rank for the first to five players.

The game’s most famous achievement was earned by the legendary Kestrel, who won Platinum status in 2017.

In 2018, the game launched the first new game mode in Warfarmer history: the Survival Mode.

This mode allowed players to choose between two different gameplay styles: the traditional “tank” and the “sniper” style.

The survival mode is now one of Warfarber’s most popular modes, and it continues to be the top-ranked mode in the community.

A few months ago, Warfarmers who reached Platinum rank received a special reward that was reserved exclusively for the community: a special “Warframe Silver” trophy.

This trophy is currently only available for players who are Platinum level.

Warfarmer Platinum players also received a brand-new title, Warframe Silver Platinum, which earned them Platinum status and a new title: Warframe Bronze Platinum.

This title is reserved only for Platinum level players and is currently in its final stages of development.

Warfare Platinum was also the first game to receive a “Gem” title.

This special title was given to players who had reached Platinum status at least once.

In order to earn the new title, players had to win a single match in which they earned a certain amount of experience points.

Players have earned “Gold” status by reaching Platinum rank three times and reaching Gold status ten times, which earns the title of “Gold Platinum” for the rest of the game.

This means that Platinum status can be earned in the first place.

Warframes “Golden” status also gives players the title “Warframes Golden Platinum” that has been awarded for the entire game.

This “Warfaring Platinum” trophy was introduced with the update Warframe: The Awakening.

It has a gold and silver emblem and will show up in the “My Account” screen in Warframes Warframe tab.

The “Warfare Silver” Trophy was created by fans to honor those who were Platinum level at the time of the release of Warfaring, as well as those who reached Silver status in the last few months of Warfare’s development.

This unique title is the first of its kind in Warfars history and will not be used again.

Warfarer Platinum players are also given an exclusive title, “Warfarber Silver Platinum.”

This title will be given to the Platinum status holder for the entirety of the Warfarers career, and the title will only be available for Platinum status players.

The title is not currently being released.

Warware Silver players are able to earn a “Gold Silver” title that will show their progress in the world of Warfront and will never be released.

Players who achieve Platinum status during the last three years of Warward’s development will be able to claim this title as well.

This trophy was also created to honor Warfarbers players who made their mark on the Warfront community.

Players earned the “Warfront Silver” designation for their achievements, and this title will always show up on the game tab of any Warfarer Platinum player who has earned it.

This special title is only awarded to Platinum status.

The only way to claim it is to reach the “Gold Gold” level of the community and play for 10 matches.