Hollywood stars who are getting a $20,000 bonus to help support their families have been given the go-ahead to work more weekends, thanks to a deal between the government and the entertainment industry.

The deal, announced Monday, will be available to up to 10 people who have worked in the past six months and will include up to $20 million in bonuses for those who can prove they have contributed to the economy.

Hollywood stars who have been on the front line of the recovery have been encouraged to take advantage of the deal, which comes as President Trump’s approval rating and ratings of his Cabinet members are sinking.

In the last two weeks, President Trump has been rated by the Associated Press as the least popular president in history, with his approval rating at a new low.

And in the last week, he has lost the support of three-quarters of the public, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

With the deal announced Monday and the approval rating dropping to 43 percent, the stars who signed on have had their workday schedules expanded by several days, said Tom Perrone, a former director of the Office of Management and Budget under President George W. Bush and the chairman of the American Council of Artists.

He also said the money will help keep the stars’ families and homes afloat.

“There’s nothing worse than being out of work and looking to the stars to come in and support them,” Perrone said.

The deal will allow performers to work additional weekends if they want, Perrone added, adding that there will be no cap on how much work they can do.

Under the agreement, celebrities will be able to work any amount of time they choose, which will include weekends, he said.

“They’re going to be able get the work done they want.

They’re not going to have to worry about the cost,” Perrorow said.

“They’re not getting penalized if they don’t get the amount of work they want.”

He said the bonus is being offered to people who were on the payroll as early as February.