Donald Trump is making a comeback with the launch of a new line of hair products that are designed to make the Trump look platinum and purple.

In a statement, the Trump brand said that the new hair products will be available in limited quantities for $39.95.

The hair product line includes two types of hair brushes: the platinum and the purple ones.

“Platinum” hair brushes are made of platinum, while “purple” hair brush are made from purple hair.

Trump’s new line will be launching this weekend at select retailers including Target and Amazon, and is being priced at $39 per brush.

Platinum hair brushes can be found in men’s hair care and beauty stores.

For women, Trump’s new hair line will come in a range of colors.

According to the company, the new hairstyles are designed for people who “are more of a natural, natural look, like a platinum blonde hair.”

Trump, who has had a number of haircuts over the years, recently released a new look for his hair.

Trump recently debuted a new haircut for his new book, “The Art of the Deal.”

It features a dramatic updo, a dramatic braid, and a very thin, thin, feathery hair piece, according to the brand.

This is the latest in a string of hairstyles that have come to define Trump’s looks in recent years.

He first launched the platinum hairstyle in September of last year.

After a number, Trump decided to take a step back and focus on the new platinum hairstyles.

Now, he is taking the opportunity to get back to his roots.