You’re about to purchase a platinum watch that could easily be mistaken for a pair of sunglasses.

But there’s a much more sophisticated look that could make this jewelry piece stand out.

And you might not have to look very far for the perfect pair of eyewear.

The color platinum is one of the most popular colors for watches and jewelry in the world.

Its widely used in all the major watch brands, and its even used as the base color for many of the more expensive jewelry pieces.

But while its used for some of the world’s most famous brands, platinum is also used in many of its lesser-known jewelry pieces, including watches and watches with a lot of color.

And that means that when you’re looking at a platinum-colored watch, you’re more likely to see something that is more vibrant than you may have expected.

In the case of the platinum blonde watch, the color is a deep blue, and while it can be subtle, it’s one of those rare shades that’s perfectly suited to the look.

While platinum is often paired with a gold band, you might be surprised to find that the platinum shade doesn’t just add a gold element to a watch face, but actually adds to the watch’s overall color.

This is because platinum is not a color that is often applied directly to the face, and the watch band doesn’t need to be completely flat to create a vivid platinum effect.

Instead, it can often be applied to the bands of the watch, creating a “blonde” look.

And because of this, the platinum-blonde shade is one that is very similar to a gold watch.

It’s a great look for anyone looking to wear an expensive watch, especially when paired with other color-neutral watches.

While it’s easy to see why platinum is used in these more expensive pieces, it doesn’t always have to be.

When it comes to the platinum watch you’re about the only one who will actually notice the color.

That’s because the watch is always displayed with the platinum band.

And this is a good thing because it means that people will not only notice the platinum on the band, but they’ll also be able to easily distinguish the watch from other colors.

This platinum-platinum look is the perfect example of what a gold-plated watch can be.

In this case, the watch has a metallic finish that is not as subtle as other metals.

And because of its natural color, it will make people think that the watch was made from gold.

Because the platinum color is often used in watchbands, it does not always appear on the dial.

But when it does, it creates an even more dramatic effect.

So when you think about it, it makes sense why a platinum and gold combination is used on a platinum colored watch.

The platinum blonde highlight is the best example of this.

It’s a platinum shade that complements the other colors that make up the watch.

And when paired up with other shades, you’ll be able’t help but notice the difference.

It is not always clear which color platinum will be applied on a watch.

But if you look closely, it should be obvious which one will be.

And it will be a bright color, giving the platinum an incredibly bright effect.

This gold-blue platinum watch looks like a perfect contrast to the other shades of gold.

This color combination is a great way to give a watch a more colorful look without the need to worry about color.