In November 2015, I posted about the incredible amount of platinum fades that were occurring, and I wanted to share what I learned with everyone who was interested. 

The platinum fades are a phenomenon I’ve been observing for the last 10 years, and it’s been a very fascinating journey.

I first started to notice them in November 2016, when I posted a short video about the phenomenon on YouTube, which was a result of watching a lot of youtube videos about this topic.

I was watching a bunch of videos about fades, and at the time, there was a huge demand for the topic on Youtube.

I also was listening to a lot of podcasts about this phenomenon, and they were a big help in sharing the information I had found on the topic. 

I eventually realized that there were quite a few people who had experienced this phenomenon and wanted to get in touch with me, so I decided to start a new podcast. 

What I found, at that time, was that most of the people who were interested in this topic were from the USA, which meant that they had an average age of 24 years old and had lived in the USA for less than two years.

There were some people who lived in France, and there were also people who moved to the USA from China.

The majority of the fades I had encountered were happening in the United States. 

As soon as I started to see a few videos of people that had been through a similar experience, I started following them. 

This was actually quite surprising to me, as I had expected most of them to be from the UK, or from Australia.

I figured that people in the UK would have experienced this more directly than in Australia. 

So, what happened next?

I began to discover that most people who I had seen through YouTube, who had had platinum fades, were in the same country as the person I was following.

I would often see people who travelled to the UK or Australia in the video, and then I would follow them, and the person who had the platinum fades would follow me back to Australia, or vice versa. 

When I followed the people from the United Kingdom, they were also experiencing the same phenomenon.

So, I had to start following them again. 

It was quite a surprise to me to find that there was actually a similar phenomenon in Australia as well. 

In Australia, the person that I was with was very experienced in this phenomenon.

They had experienced the same experience a lot longer than me.

They were a very successful businesswoman, and their husband had also been experiencing the platinum fade.

So I decided that it would be worthwhile to try and get in contact with them.

I did this by contacting them on Twitter and Facebook, and asking them to share their experience with me. 

On March 15, 2018, I contacted the platinum blonde who had been following me, and told her about my findings.

She immediately responded with a link to the video that I had posted about, and a few days later, I began following her back to the United Arab Emirates.

I started sharing her experience and sharing my research, and we started to get a lot more people in contact, and after some time, I was able to get through to these people directly.

I was surprised to see that the majority of people who experienced this platinum fade had lived abroad.

This meant that the person they were following was not from the same city, and most of these people were from Europe, and some of them were from Australia aswell. 

While I was seeing the people in London, I noticed that there had been a lot fewer people that I followed in Australia, and more people were staying in London. 

At that time in time, this seemed to be an odd situation, as it made me very curious to know how this phenomenon had developed. 

Since I had a lot to share about this, I decided I would share my findings as well, and give some insight into the process that the people had to go through to achieve this effect. 

Here are a few of the highlights that I found: There are two main types of platinum fade:  the first type is the type I call “fades of the hair” where the hair starts to grow in response to the changes in temperature and humidity. 

 The second type of platinum fading is the “fade of the eyes”, where the eyelids begin to shrink as they age and start to look like a dark spot on the face. 

If you watch the video of the platinum blond, you will see that when the eyelashes start to grow, they do so much faster than the hair, and when they do grow, it takes them almost two years to reach the age where they look like this. 

Most people will have a gradual process of getting their platinum fades in their hair and eyes. 

There is a big difference between this type of fading and the