Sony has launched a new headset, the PlayStation 4 Pro, aimed at gamers looking for the latest in high-end gaming technology.

The new model is priced at $399 and is the first to feature the PlayStation’s proprietary “Ultra HD Plus” technology, which promises twice the pixels and 4K video quality of 1080p and 4k resolution on the PS4 Pro.

Sony says the Pro will offer an “unparalleled” experience for gamers looking to “explore new gaming experiences and explore the latest technologies in the industry.”

The company also says the new headset will be compatible with “all major platforms including PlayStation 4 and PS VR.”

The new headset features a 5-inch screen and a curved shape, but Sony says it’s made to fit comfortably on a head.

The headset’s weight is said to be a “considerable” 4.2 pounds, and the company says it can accommodate up to four players.

Sony says the headset’s cable can be “bundled” into the headset, allowing for easy portability.

The headset is designed to be worn in a headset that’s already attached, meaning it won’t require any additional cables.

The PS4 has been on a tear since its launch in 2014, with the PSVR headset now the most popular PS4 accessory.

Sony also says it has an “all-new” version of the PS VR headset that works on all major platforms.

Sony also launched a $300 PlayStation VR headset in November that works with PlayStation 4 as well as the Oculus Rift.

That headset is the most expensive and the most powerful, with Oculus saying it can “recharge” and play with its software for about $1,200.

In December, Sony said it would be releasing a new PlayStation 4 console for 2018.

Sony said the PS5 would be launching this spring.