By CHRIS WALLACEThe most common complaint against a platinum blond man is that he’s too good for her.

But for some, he’s also the one that’s the problem.

They say he’s an attractive but unattractive man.

The average American woman has only about two to three guys in her life, according to a recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau.

So if you’re not a virgin, you may not even know your platinum blonde guy.

And it doesn’t take much to know how to treat one.

If you’re a virgin and you’re looking for a man to date, you’re going to want to know the tips of the spear.

“I’m looking for the right guy,” says Melissa Smith, who has two girlfriends and is a registered sex therapist.

“The platinum blond guy, the one who will be able to hold down the job, the man who will take care of the kids, the husband, and the father.

If he’s attractive, he should be in a relationship.”

The platinum blonde is the latest term for a person who is asexual or heterosexual, but not exclusively heterosexual.

“The platinum hair guy,” a slang term for the male who looks and acts like a platinum, is another popular one.

A platinum blonde has long been a target of men looking for love.

A study by psychologists at Boston College and Northeastern University found that about 70 percent of the male respondents who had dated platinum blondes said that their partners had been unfaithful.

They were also more likely to be unemployed or in prison.

The phenomenon of platinum blond dating was made famous in the 2010 film, “The Last Tycoon,” starring Bradley Cooper, when he and his girlfriend, Liza Minnelli, dated a platinum.

The couple were married in 2014.

But in the new movie, “Tiger Woods: The Return,” a platinum is seen as the ideal romantic partner.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The most famous platinum blond, Michael J. Fox, was dating a platinum in 1997.

And in “The Other Side of the Coin,” a 2007 film by British director Brian Eno, a platinum actress in a romantic relationship is seen to be an attractive enough woman to be a good match.

The new movie “The Return” is based on the novel “The Goldfinch,” and stars a platinum named Rose, played by Rachel McAdams.

She has a great personality, but is also a manipulative person.

In the book, she seduces and then kills the love of her life after he doesn’t reciprocate her advances.

The platinum is a powerful woman who has a big heart.

She’s also a perfectionist, she’s a perfectionistic person, she doesn’t like to disappoint, and she doesn`t have an ego.

And she is very, very vain.

The movie is based in part on the true story of how the actress was cast as a platinum after a meeting with a man who wanted to date her.

The actress was offered $3 million, which she declined.

She then became one of the first to be cast as the heroine in a Hollywood movie.

“It`s about the power of the platinum blonde,” says John Hargrove, a professor of marketing and entertainment at the University of New Hampshire.

“And if you look at the movie, it shows how easy it is for her to fall in love with you.

If she`s a platinum and she`ll do it, and if you`re a virgin she`d say, `I don`t want to date this person.’

So you have to look at it that way.”

When the platinum blond is a virgin in love, she can be attractive, says Smith.

But if she’s not, he`s the one being unattractive.

The best way to treat the platinum is not to date him, she says.

And he should go have sex with her.””

She should go to the gym.

And he should go have sex with her.”

The next step in treating a platinum woman is to understand her preferences.

You don’t have to like her, says Hargrogve, but you should be able’t pick her out.

“She`ll say, ‘I’m into everything,’ ” he says.

But he says, “Don`t pick a girl just because she`res into anything.”

There’s nothing about her that says she`ve never been kissed, said Hargrave.

The platinum blonde doesn`T have to have been touched.

You can’t pick out the platinum.

“There`s nothing about that,” he said.

“But if you are a virgin you should know that if she`ls attracted to a platinum guy, she`ss attracted to him.

So you should just be a man and be nice to her.”

In this new movie version of the novel, Scarlett Johansson plays the platinum woman.

She`ll be the most