Platinum, the highest grade of gold, is widely considered the best quality of metal for use in jewelry and watches, and can be found in precious metals such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

But platinum can also be used in medical devices, such as pacemakers, to treat patients with a variety of conditions.

As platinum is used in more and more medical devices — especially in the United States and the European Union — platinum prices have soared.

The gold price rose to a record high of $1,200 per ounce in mid-February, and the platinum price has jumped nearly 60% over the past year.

Some gold experts have speculated that the recent spike in platinum prices is linked to a new platinum production facility being built in Australia, which is also expected to produce more platinum in coming years.

But a gold industry source said the new facility will be more than 100% of what the original plant was.

The source said there is no reason to expect that the plant will produce more gold than it used to.

Gold has been the world’s reserve currency since the 1960s, but the dollar has been gaining strength over the last decade.

Gold prices surged over the summer and fall, but have since returned to levels that have been seen in the early 1990s.

The dollar index fell 0.4% in the second quarter and has been sliding.

The greenback has lost about a third of its value against the euro, after recovering nearly half of its losses in the first quarter.

Gold and silver prices have been surging recently, as well, with both precious metals hitting new record highs.

The U.S. dollar index hit a new record high last week, and gold and silver have been trading above $1.10 per ounce.

What are the best places to buy platinum?

Platinum is the cheapest of the three precious metals to buy.

The cheapest platinum, known as “paltry gold,” is about $400, which includes about 25% of the metal’s purity.

This price is comparable to what you pay for gold, said Matthew Schofield, an associate professor of metals at Cornell University who specializes in platinum.

“It’s an extremely low-cost platinum.

Platinum is a good choice if you want to use platinum in jewelry, watch parts and medical devices,” he said.

Platinum also can be used for a variety in jewelry.

Gold can be bought as a pure platinum, but it has a much higher price to the customer.

A platinum watch that’s only about 5% pure is more expensive than a pure gold watch, but a pure silver watch is cheaper than a gold one, said Schofild, who noted that many people don’t want to pay for a pure metal watch.

A gold watch with a platinum case would cost about $1 million, he said, and platinum watches typically cost $1 to $2 million, according to Schofold.

What can I do with platinum?

There are several types of platinum, and they all require some sort of heat treatment, which involves a process called oxidation.

This process involves heat treating the platinum with a chemical called lanthanum, which reacts with oxygen in the air and forms a layer of platinum crystals.

This is what the gold industry calls a “pure” platinum.

There are also platinum-based watches, including watches with gold plated hands, that are not pure platinum.

This type of platinum is also called a “gold-plated” platinum watch, said Dan D. Smith, an assistant professor of metal science at the University of Utah.

This kind of platinum watch is the same quality as a gold-plied watch, he added.

“There’s no difference in quality, except the quality of the platinum,” he explained.

If you have questions about buying platinum, you can ask your gold dealer or jewelry retailer.

For more on platinum, see our article “What is platinum?”

The best place to buy a platinum watch will depend on what you want, said John A. Bittner, a gold analyst with CMC Markets.

Platinum watches are generally used for wedding bands, wristbands, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, said Bittler, who is also a consultant for the National Gold Association.

For example, a diamond-encrusted bracelet that is made from a platinum-platinum watch is going to look a lot like a diamond, he explained, because diamonds can be polished to a mirror finish.

A bracelet made from platinum can be a lot more expensive, but this is a less expensive way to display your jewelry.

Platinum jewelry can also also be an investment, said Smith.

“When you buy a jewelry bracelet, it’s a very important part of your investment,” he added, referring to the jewelry.

“You’re going to need to pay a lot of money for it.”

The best way to invest in platinum is to sell it.

If platinum is a investment, you should sell it at a reasonable price, Bitt