Platinum bubbus strains are not new to the market.

In fact, they’ve been around for decades.

But the strain that has hit the market the most recently is a new one that has been popping up around the country.

The strain is called platinum bubbby strain.

It’s not clear when or how the strain was discovered.

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it was first identified in a pharmacy in the New Jersey town of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The study also says that the strain is highly resistant to most of the antibiotics that have been available to combat this disease. 

So what’s the point of the strain?

The researchers say that the new strain was found to be more resistant to common antibiotics than previous ones.

The report states that the strains resistance is likely because of the way that it was made.

The researchers said that the bacteria was not made by humans.

“This strain was produced from a bacterial cell culture that was obtained from a medical facility that was using an antibiotic that was used in the United States,” the researchers wrote.

“Because the strain of bacteria was grown on a hospital floor, this bacteria was more likely to be resistant to all the common antibiotics that are commonly used in medicine.”