Posted October 24, 2019 06:14:10The Platinum God is a brand new ink that I think is a great value for $39.99 a bottle.

The ink’s color is a deep burgundy that is rich and creamy with a hint of red, which really compliments the metallic finish of the nib.

The brush is the same Platinum God, but the nib is a slightly different one, which adds a little bit of personality.

The ink is a clear ink, so it’s very pigmented.

This means you can use a brush with a thin layer of ink and a heavier layer of paint to create rich, deep-blue, rich, full-bodied colors.

The Platinum God also comes with a generous bottle of Cascade Platinum Ink, which is the brand’s best-selling ink, which it sells for $35.

You’ll want to spend at least $40 on this ink if you want the best colors for your fountain pen.

The Platinum Ink has a fairly thick and dense consistency, so if you’re looking for a thick, opaque ink that’s easy to use with your fingers, I’d avoid it.

I didn’t use this ink on my fountain pen, but it’s nice and thick enough that I can see how it could be used with my regular fountain pen for a lot of ink.

If you’re not into the thicker, thicker consistency, you’ll probably want to try something else, like the Platinum Ink’s thicker, more opaque, thicker, thinner consistency, or the Platinum Gold Ink’s thinner, thinner, thicker and denser consistency.

Both the Platinum ink and Cascade Platinum are available in a wide variety of colors, from burgundy to gold to red.

If that doesn’t sound like enough to you, you can also pick up Cascade Platinum’s Platinum Gold in gold or Platinum Ink Gold in silver.

The gold and silver are available individually or as part of a bundle.

There’s also a small amount of Cascade Gold Ink that comes in a few different finishes, but I prefer the look of Cascade Ink Gold because of the silver finish.

It’s also available in gold and platinum, and you can find it in a lot more colors than just gold and black.