Mercedes-AMG is introducing a new class of luxury vehicles in the US that will be priced between $300,000 and $350,000.

The Mercedes-AMS-F250 Platinum Jewel will be sold with a base price of $345,500. 

The F250 Platinum jewel is expected to hit the market this year, following the launch of the 2018 Mercedes-Amag Mercedes-Class 300E, and the 2019 Mercedes-EMG Mercedes-class 300E. 

While the F250 Silver and Silver Silver Metallic models have already been introduced in the UK, Mercedes-Honda will introduce the Silver and Gold Metallic models in 2019. 

“The 2020 Mercedes AMG Mercedes AM GLS will be one of the first luxury vehicles to have the Platinum Jewel treatment, offering up to $345k in value over the next 12 months,” Mercedes-Amerisat sales director David Gorman said. 

There is a lot to like about the Mercedes-ams-Ferrari-AM GLS Platinum Jewel, especially if you’re in the market for a sporty Mercedes. 

It features an aluminium body with a new grille and LED headlights, and a revised chassis and chassis layout. 

Gorman said the new F250 Gold and Silver Metallic and the Silver Metallic version of the Mercedes F250 are the same. 

A silver trim package will be offered in the Silver, Gold and Platinum, and will cost from $345 to $360, according to Gorman. 

What’s the deal with the Mercedes AMGs platinum jewels?

The Platinum Jewel was introduced in 2016, and was designed to provide “a high level of protection” to the vehicle’s carbon fiber, Kevlar and Kevlar composite materials.

It has a high level density and is capable of handling extreme temperatures. 

At least three generations of the Platinum jewels were produced, starting in the late 1980s, according a statement from Mercedes-BMW. 

 The first generation of the platinum jewel was produced in 1987, with the second and third generation produced in 1993 and 1998. 

In 2020, Mercedes will offer the third generation of gold, silver and platinum jewel, priced at $345K, according Mercedes-Mitsubishi. 

Is the Mercedes gold and silver platinum jewel worth the money?


Mercedes-AMGs platinum jewel is more than double the price of a standard silver and gold, with its value reaching $749K, Mercedes AMI said.

The first two generations of Mercedes- AMG platinum jewels have a starting price of about $769K, which Mercedes said “is still very competitively priced”. 

“This is a new level of value for the Mercedes and is very important for our customers,” Gorman added. 

How much is the Mercedes Platinum Jewel worth? 

At the time of writing, the Mercedes Silver and Platinum Metallic model is priced at between $346,500 and $357,500, according TOI. 

According to Mercedes, the Gold and Gold Platinum models are priced between about $360K and $360.5K. 

Should you buy a Mercedes-am-GLS-F125 platinum jewel? 

“Absolutely,” Gammill said.

“The Mercedes AMM Mercedes AME Mercedes-GLE Mercedes-SLS-GK and AMG-F235 Mercedes-F150 Mercedes-BBS are the best value, with a starting cost of $339,500 for the Silver/Gold version, $360 for the Platinum and $363 for the Gold. 

If you’re interested in the Mercedes Gold Metallic version, we suggest you look into the Mercedes Benz AMG Gold Metallic Silver Metallic, which starts at about $350K, and is offered in two trim packages, with both starting at about half the price.” 

Should I buy the Mercedes Am-AMS F250Silver Gold and the Mercedes Mercedes AMF250Platinum jewel?

“Yes, it’s a great car and a great deal, but remember that it’s not the ultimate value,” Glynn said.

“There’s also a platinum option that has a very limited amount of value, but it’s still the best option.” 

Am-AM-AMF250 Silver Gold and Mercedes-AMP Mercedes-ACAM-F1 Gold Metallic are also offered in one trim package, with starting prices between about half and two-thirds the price, according the TOI The Mercedes-amp Mercedes AM Mercedes AM F250Plate is available for sale at dealerships in the United States, as well as in Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand, according to the dealers. 

Will the Mercedes GLS-AAMF-F100 Platinum jewel change prices? 


The Mercedes Mercedes-amps platinum jewel has been available for about three years now, and Mercedes AM has already released a new Platinum version for