Corsair K95 platinum hair color for men and women comes in a variety of vibrant shades and finishes to match the style of your favorite characters.

The platinum hair style comes in two finishes, an all-over platinum finish and a neutral matte finish.

The colors are available in four colors: platinum gray, platinum silver, platinum bronze, and platinum gold.

The k95 Platinum hair color is available for $119.99 on Amazon right now, but you can also buy it for $39.99 right now on the official Corsairs online store.

If you’re looking to get a hair color with a bit of a trend in it, there’s also the platinum gold hair color available on Amazon.

The hair color has a satin finish, which is what you might see when you see it on a Disney Princess hair.

If you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into, Corsars platinum haircolor comes in three finishes: platinum silver and platinum bronze.

Both of these finishes are available on right now.

For a full look at all the hair colors Corsa is releasing, check out our review of the K95 Gold and Platinum Hair Colors .