How to Remove Your Platinum From Your iPhone 4s Apple’s latest iPhone model has always been a gold-colored metal with a matte finish, but this year’s model is going to be much different.

It is now going to come with a white or silver finish, and it will come in the new platinum tint color, according to a new feature announcement by the iPhone maker.

That makes it even more interesting to use, as it makes the device even more attractive.

And it will make it a lot more affordable, too.

This isn’t just a cosmetic change, either.

The new platinum will cost $30, up from the current $25 price tag, and the iPhone will be available for preorder starting today.

It will be a limited edition that will be only available for the first time at the Apple Store in the U.S. It comes with a one-year warranty, though it does not come with an AppleCare replacement.

And that is where the platinum comes in.

As the name suggests, platinum is a naturally occurring mineral that is found naturally in the earth.

The color will be gold or platinum, depending on where you get it.

The process is called “hydroxylation” and the color is the result of this process.

In a normal process, the gold is produced by adding water to a mineral such as platinum ore, which is then heated in a furnace to make it glow.

The platinum is then then used to make other minerals such as gold, silver, and copper.

This process produces a different color, but is very similar to how gold is made.

But in the platinum tint process, platinum reacts with a different substance, which in turn produces a darker gold color.

The result is that the tint is the same, but with a gold color that is slightly lighter.

This is why you can wear the iPhone in a platinum-tinted display, even if it is a gold or silver one.

This tint is also available for black or white models, and will be released as a permanent color in the coming weeks.