I have been working on a list of the best teams in MLS for the last few years.

The first list, released last year, was mostly about the best of the likes of New York Red Bulls, Toronto FC and Orlando City SC.

It did not include the league’s second best team, the San Jose Earthquakes, or the Portland Timbers, who were not included on the list this year.

That omission caused some consternation.

The reason?

The league does not allow teams to list the team that they played on in 2018.

That is why there is no ranking of teams from this past season.

So what does a team like the Portland Thorns, who finished fourth in the Western Conference, have to show for it?

In a word, a lot.

They beat Orlando City FC in front of their home fans, while defending champions Sporting Kansas City defeated Houston Dynamo.

The two teams are not only top-three in points, but they also play in a different conference, meaning they have more opportunities to be in contention in MLS.

It also helps that the Thorns are a very good team.

They finished third in the league in goals scored (34) and fourth in assists (23).

They finished in second in shots on goal (51), tied for fourth in total shots (163), and tied for third in total chances (47).

The team was named the USL’s best team by Soccer America.

So while it may not be the most exciting season of the 2018 MLS season, it is also not as good as the previous year’s.

Now, I am not trying to be disrespectful to the Thons.

But this team has improved a lot in the last year and it is not as great as the last team that was included on this list.

Portland was a much more balanced team in 2018 than it was in 2017.

The Thorns had a couple of standout players, including a player who was among the top 10 in assists, forward Jordan Harvey.

However, the team’s defensive issues are also on display this season.

Portland finished last in goals conceded (29) and allowed the most goals (78) in the conference.

The Timbers also were not good at home, finishing dead last in the West (30th) and in the standings (21st).

They were the only team in the East to allow more goals on the road than they did at home.

Portland also was in the middle of a losing streak, which was tied for the second longest in the division.

That has to hurt.

So the next step is for the Thunders to improve on those numbers and show that they are a team with a good future.

Portland’s next opponent is the Montreal Impact, who are a far different team than Portland.

They have played three times this season, winning both matches.

But they did not finish with the same winning percentage (25.6%) as Portland.

Instead, Montreal finished with the fourth-best record in the Eastern Conference (19-13-6).

The Impact have one of the most talented rosters in the MLS.

They also have the best defense in the Conference.

So far, Montreal has not had to worry about a lot of the injuries to their stars.

That could be a major difference in the future.

The Impact also are a club that is not only on the upswing, but also on a trajectory that will continue to increase in the coming years.

They are playing in a brand new stadium, which is the first time it has been used since the 1996 MLS season.

The new stadium is also much bigger than the previous one, so the team is better equipped to handle the growing demand from fans.

And, they have an influx of new players, who will help the team grow and be more competitive in the long run.

The Montreal Impact has a new stadium that has been built in the new year.

This year, the club announced that they would be moving into the newly renovated Olympic Stadium, which they are now playing in.

They will host the MLS Cup Final in their new stadium on Aug. 8.

That will be their first time playing in an indoor stadium since 2006.

But, it will be the first in their history.

This team is also trying to make an impact in other areas.

This season, they finished third with a record of 9-11-3.

That includes winning the Eastern conference and playing in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

But that was a long time ago.

Montreal has been a great team, but their future is bright.

There are many reasons why the Montreal soccer team is still one of MLS’ best teams.

The fact that they were in the same division as two of the biggest teams in the world this year and had a better record than the rest of the league speaks for itself.

But the fact that the team has a lot to prove will also continue to fuel the belief that they can be a very successful team in a few years time.

I hope that this list of some of the top teams in 2018 helps the