Posted January 06, 2020 15:01:21A few years ago, the first Olympians to go Platinum were women.

Now that the first two Olympians have been named, there is one remaining Olympian left.

Platinum tint is a new brand for a new category in the cosmetic industry, but it already has a lot of buzz among consumers.

Plateau tint, also known as platinum tint, was invented by British cosmetic chemist Pauline C. Wurzburg.

It is an ultra-thin formula that, while still thick enough to cover most of the skin, is very thin.

A thin formula means it is much easier to use and doesn’t need to be applied at all, said Wurzelbach, whose company is based in Cambridge, England.

Platteau tint also has a unique look to it.

The formula is so thin that when applied to the skin in a powder, it will leave a very thin, powdery film on the skin.

That film will then adhere to the surrounding tissue, preventing it from drying out.

The product, which is available in three sizes, is a mix of both pigments and pigments with titanium dioxide, a non-toxic pigment.

A sample of the product was sent to ABC News, which has chosen not to share the name.

According to Wurzebach, the product is “absolutely” safe, though she says the FDA has not yet approved it.

Wurzelbach said she has already received a lot more inquiries about the product than she could have ever imagined.

She said the number of people interested in the product has increased in recent months.

She plans to launch more shades of the formula, starting with a small one called “Sterile” that will be available soon.

For the uninitiated, a platinum tint is what you would call a thin layer of platinum that covers the skin from the eyebrow to the eyelid.

It can be applied over any skin type.

Platinette tint is the latest addition to the platinum family.

The two categories have been merged in the past year, with the addition of a new product called platinum tint and a new family of products called platinum plating.

Platoons are made up of two types of tint: plating that coats the skin over the eyebrows and plating on the eyelashes.

It also covers the lips, which can be used in conjunction with platinum tint.

Plating, though, is more difficult to use than the other two platinum tint categories, because it needs to be done in a specific way.

Plateshadow is a very dark shade of the platinum tint that can be layered over a foundation to conceal darker areas.

Plattenet is a light shade of platinum tint with the most pigment.

It works well for light-skinned people, as it can cover darker areas, while being thinner than plating or a shade of plating and still covering the skin and making it look powdery.

Plattenet also can be thinned down to just one shade by applying it over the eyebrow, but this can be tricky.

Platenet also has an image of a woman in a bikini.

It’s a combination of platinette and platinum tint on the lid.

Plater is a slightly lighter shade of gold tint.

It has a lighter consistency than platinet and does not cover the entire face.

It looks like a golden color.

It seems to be more suitable for people who are more naturally tan.

Platers are often found in skincare and makeup lines, so it’s a little surprising that platinettes would be on the list of platinum products, but that’s exactly what Plater is.

It contains both platinées and platinum tints.

The brand has already released two shades of platinum, and is launching a new one.

It comes in two sizes: the smaller size of platter is 0.1 millimeters (mm) and the larger size is 0,3 millimeters.

The platter comes in a small, matte, powder that can easily be applied to a bare face.

The company’s Instagram page has been filled with videos of people applying the new platinèe shade to their faces.

“We are so excited to be launching Plater as a platinum product, and to share with the world our Platinum tint on our lips,” said the post by Wurze.

The company is currently working on an additional shade of Platinette for the U.S. market.

Platinet will not be available in Canada, however, so if you live in the U, Canada, or Mexico, you can order it online for just $15.