If you’ve ever bought Pokemon Platinum, you’re probably not a fan of the way it works.

While it works like a normal card, there’s an extra feature that allows you to transfer your Pokemon to a Pokemon Bank account.

You can transfer Pokemon Bank accounts to Amex MasterCard, which you can use to make a purchase.

It’s also worth mentioning that Amex’s Platinum service can only be used on AmEX Platinum cards.

This is a great option if you’re buying Pokemon Platinum with your own credit card, but it can also be a pain if you want to use your MasterCard.

Amex says that the service is currently in beta and it will be available soon for the entire country.

Amex Master Card Platinum FAQ (from amex.com) What’s the difference between MasterCard Platinum and Amex Premier Card Platinum?

MasterCard Premier Card platinum is a new way to buy MasterCard platinum cards that works on all major cards, including MasterCard MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Star Platinum, and AmEX MasterCard Bronze.

You’ll still need to buy the cards in person at participating locations.

Is there a minimum purchase required to use MasterCard?


All MasterCard purchases are required to make your purchase.

The minimum purchase is $25.

What are the fees and restrictions for MasterCard Premium cards?

There are fees to purchase Platinum cards on MasterCard and the same fees apply for Platinum MasterCard cards.

Platinum Mastercard Platinum fees are:  $0.50 per transaction (for each transaction)  $5.00 per transaction, up to $25 per transaction  $25 MasterCard fee per card purchased, up at each location for each transaction No fee for Master Cards purchased with American Express, Master Card or Discover cards (including travel rewards, rewards cards, etc.).

How to buy Platinum on American Express Platinum: MasterCard is offering Platinum on Master Cards for a limited time, beginning May 15.

MasterCard offers Platinum Platinum at participating stores starting May 15, and MasterCard has announced that it will launch Platinum Mastercards in stores in May of next year.

If you have any questions about MasterCard’s Platinum purchase, you can reach out to your card issuer at 800-829-5545.

The best way to know when your Platinum Master Card card is available to use on Mastercard is to call your card issuers and ask them to confirm the availability of Platinum Master Cards.

How does Amex Prime Platinum work?

You can redeem Platinum Master card on the Amex platform for Platinum cards for a $5 fee and a free gift card.

Will I be able to buy Gold Platinum cards?


AmEx Platinum Master cards are available for Platinum as of May 15 at participating retailers, and you’ll be able buy Platinum Master Gold cards from June.

You can also redeem Gold Platinum for Platinum for a free Platinum gift card, which can be used at participating merchants.

When will I be eligible to use Platinum MasterCash?

Beginning May 15 and ending May 31, 2018, Platinum Master Cash will be accepted at all Amex stores, and Platinum Master Platinum will be eligible for Platinum Cash on June 2, 2018.