The next platinum blonde may be a reality, but will she be the next beauty queen?

In 2018, platinum blonde hair can be a fashion statement, an alternative to the more established, blonde-haired trend.

There are more platinum blonde haircuts to choose from, with more than 200 hairstyles available to choose the colour and style of your own, according to the BBC.

“People are more aware of platinum blonde than ever before, it’s a fashion trend, it is an option and a colour that people are now wearing,” said Melanie Miller, head of marketing at hair and beauty brand Pure Platinum Hair.

“It’s definitely a trend that people look for.”

And for many women, it makes a statement.

In 2018 the BBC polled its 1,400 hairstylists to find out which hairstyle was their favourite to wear and platinum blonde came out on top, with 51 per cent of respondents saying they were inspired by platinum blonde.

But some experts argue that the trend may not be for everyone.

“I would definitely not be in the market for platinum blonde,” said Natasha Kravin, an associate professor of beauty, fashion and performance management at the University of New South Wales.

“The fact that it has been so successful is testament to how well the industry is working with its consumers and that’s why it’s become so popular.”

Dr Miller, who works with the hair industry in the Sydney suburb of South Sydney, says platinum blonde’s popularity is driven by a combination of marketing, social media and people’s perception.

“What we see in terms of platinum blondes is people looking for a way to get into the platinum blonde world and the market is flooded with people who are looking for that.”

‘They have a big following’ The beauty industry’s popularity has increased in recent years and more and more women are choosing platinum blonde as their go-to colour for a long-lasting, high-definition look.

But while platinum blonde has been around for years, its popularity is growing rapidly.

The popularity of platinum hair was fuelled by the success of the film, Beauty and the Beast, and the film’s marketing campaign, which featured platinum blonde and blonde hair.

The film is based on the fairy tale about a prince who is forced to transform into a bear to defeat the evil sorceress, Belle.

“When people started to see the beauty in platinum blonde, that’s when it really started to take off,” Dr Miller said.

“There is a real interest in the look, especially for the women who are going to the salon for the first time,” Dr Kravins said.””

So they can go and look at blonde and go, ‘Oh, I can do that, I like that look’.” While the look may have started out as a more mainstream trend, platinum blond has now become a popular choice for those who want to go more extreme with their hair colour.

“There is a real interest in the look, especially for the women who are going to the salon for the first time,” Dr Kravins said.

“I think a lot of people are just more comfortable with a blonde hair colour and maybe it’s not as hard as it was before.”

Dr Klevin believes the popularity of the look stems from the popularity and marketing of other popular hairstyles.

“Platinum blonde hair has been a trend for years and years,” she said.

But the popularity isn’t necessarily about being the next gold medalist in Rio.

“You have to look at the bigger picture,” Dr Johnson said.

“[Platinum blond] is just one hairstyle that people go for, and it’s really a look that women can go for.”

A new trend?

What about the platinum blond trend?

There is a lot to choose between and to be honest, there isn’t a platinum blonde trend right now, said Dr Miller.

“A lot of the girls we work with are choosing a different look for their hair, they are going for a look which is a little more sophisticated,” she explained.

“And it’s definitely the look for women who want the best bangs and the best shine and the most platinum blonde.”

Ms Miller agrees.

“For me, platinum is for the young generation and it is for people who want their hair to really look good, who want a bit more glamour,” she added.

Dr Miller and Dr Johnson both believe platinum blonde will continue to be a trend, especially in the future.

“As we see more and the hair salon industry evolves, it may become more acceptable,” Dr Dolan said.