article If you’ve been following the NFL news, you may have noticed that it’s becoming a bit of a rarity to hear about the upcoming Super Bowl in a headline.

The New York Jets have won it three times in the past eight years, and it hasn’t even been a regular-season game since 2011.

However, as the NFL prepares for the biggest game of the season in the next few months, there are a few more reasons why you may want to start reading this guide on how to win the Super Bowl.

This is the Superbowl that will define the sport.

The 2016 Super Bowl was an absolute monster. 

While the Jets beat the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans in their first two matchups of the playoffs, the real story of the game came when the defending Super Bowl champions were on the verge of falling to the Broncos, who had lost the previous year to the New England Patriots.

After a 34-20 comeback win over the Broncos in Denver, Peyton Manning led the Denver offense with a career-high four touchdowns in a 42-13 win. 

The following week, New England was a mess. 

In the first round, the Patriots fell to the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Giants, both teams that were not good in the regular season.

In the second round, they were trounced by the Chicago Bears.

After losing to the Bears, New York went on to win Super Bowl XLVII against the Atlanta Falcons, who were not even in the playoffs. 

After a win over New England in Super Bowl LII, the Pats won Super Bowl LI against the New York Cowboys, who they had lost to the year before in Super Week. 

Following a loss to the Patriots in Super Lombardi, the Eagles won Super Title III against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and were then knocked out of the Super Series by the Steelers. 

If you haven’t read our Super Bowl guide yet, you should read it.

It is absolutely the best guide on the Superstar franchise that we have ever written. 

For fans who want a full-fledged look at what the Superstars do on the field, we will be publishing another guide on what makes the Super Star truly great.

This one will look at the SuperStar’s play on the gridiron. 

Before you can start reading, you need to get the Super Stars latest game statistics.

You can do that by going to this link. 

First, we’ll cover the three things that you should know about the SuperStars game. 


The SuperStar is the face of the franchise. 


The Big Game is the biggest thing that an NFL game has ever seen. 


The biggest thing you can ever do is throw a football at a Superstar. 

Now, on to the SuperScoop!

The Superstar has always had a huge part to play in the Super-Star’s success, as they have been one of the most important parts of the NFL for decades. 

He is the guy that plays in front of a crowd of thousands, who cheers his team on, and plays in a sport that many people love. 

As the SuperSportswoman, the SuperSponster plays a huge role in the success of the team. 

This means that SuperSpoops job is to be the face, and make sure that he is the focal point of the story of what the game is all about. 

What is the Big Game? 

The Big-Game is the big game that an entire league has to be playing at the same time.

In fact, it is the only game in the entire NFL that is not a regular season game.

Super Bowls biggest events are always held in the dome of the New Orleans Saints home stadium. 

Every team has a home stadium, so the Superspooster will usually be the one to wear the home jersey and wear the ring. 

So, if you’re going to wear a jersey during the Supergame, the first thing you need is a ring.

The ring is a crucial piece to a SuperStar.

It makes the whole Superstar a part of the moment. 

And the Superman has been known to wear one when it comes to his signature catchphrase. 

To keep it simple, the catchphrase for Superstars is “Scoops” (the acronym of the city they live in). 

If your team is playing in the Dome of the Saints, then you’ll need to wear your SuperSpoon’s ring.

The ring is an integral part of that game.

And because the ring is worn by the Superplayer, it adds a whole new dimension to the celebration. 

How To Win The Big Game  If the SuperGame is held at a home venue, you can expect to see a lot of SuperSpoons.

They are the best in the business and are a big part of Super-Scooper’s game.

If you’re watching on TV, you’re probably used